Boats in was Saturday June 17th! 

It is with great pleasure that we see boats in the BDYC harbour once again!

Please, read the mooring line e-mail if you need anything adjusted at your slip. 

We have a new winch system to help set up masts on the crane! Send an e-mail to info.bdyc@gmail.com for more information about using it.


Please note that our septic field is currently flooded. In order to prevent damages to the system which could delay the start of the social season further, we ask that you refrain from walking or transporting heavy loads (anything greater than 300 pounds) above the field which is located behind the clubhouse.

We currently have a portable toilet trailer which is available for use for all members.



Comparative graph of water levels at the hydrometric station

Water level above datum – Gouvernement du Canada

Pertinent link:

Flood surveillance page from the public safety minister

Hydrological forecast for the upcoming days

The International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board –> facebook page


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